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Anthem Pets, a 501 (c)(3), 100% volunteer, No Kill rescue, is proudly celebrating 11 years of valued and trusted service in the North Phoenix Valley.

Our goal is to implement a fully rounded animal welfare program that provides education and resources to the community and promotes responsible pet ownership. Over the last 11 years the organization has grown in size and strength and our passion runs deep in this community.

Volunteers work tirelessly to provide many services for animals and pet owners in the North Phoenix Valley. We answer calls a Pet Hotline; provide medical care for abandoned and abused animals and find them qualified, loving homes; and work to reunite lost pets with their owners through use of the Pet Hotline, a Pet Search & Rescue team and a very active Facebook page.

Additionally, Anthem Pets collects and distributes re-bagged pet food to residents in need; provides low-cost vaccination and microchip and throughout the year; works with local law enforcement agencies on animal welfare and abuse issues; and facilitates educational programs.

You will find Anthem Pets just about everywhere in Anthem! If you need us, we will do our best for you and your pet.

Anthem Pets Resource and Information Guide

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